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What types of jobs are out there for a bachelor's degree in biology?

Asked New York, New York

I am a junior studying biology as my major, chemistry and education as my minor. Although I have a couple paths I am deciding on once I get my bachelors in biology, I am curious how many others options I have. #biology #chemistry #bachelors-degree

2 answers

Bre’s Answer

Updated Long Beach, New York

Hey Bianca! The biology path is such a good one since you learn so many different things. You learn math, cause and effect, interactions of all kinds, and so much more. You could really be prepared for a lot of different jobs with this degree.

I received my degree in Biology and somehow made my way to the software field as a Project Manager. Before getting to where I am now, I worked at a biopharmaceutical company, a medical university and a wildlife refuge. I almost went into healthcare informatics as well.

What do you like to do? What are you passionate about? Do you like the research side of biology? If so, you could become a researcher at a drug company work or the government. If you like animals you could look at working at a zoo or sanctuary. You absolutely even go into teaching.

Bre recommends the following next steps:

  • Think about what specifically you like about biology. The research, the animals, the human interactions, ecology?
  • Google what you like most about biology followed by 'jobs'. I.e. 'research jobs'. My favorite site to use while job searching is Glassdoor. They show you reviews from employees, potential salaries and more.

Renee’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

You could become a biologist, Ecologist, Research scientist and a biophysicist.

Thank you for the answer!