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Are CLEP tests a pass/fail scoring system?

is it a pass/ fail test #college #university #college-credit #clep-test

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2 answers

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Stuart’s Answer

Hi Bridget,

As Mr. Fig said, the CLEP scores aren't pass/fail. Your score determines what you'll get credit for at your particular school. Here's the link for one of the schools where I've worked:

Take a look at the Foreign Language section, for example. (That's the CLEP most students I know take.) If you score high enough for the "Level 1" threshold, you'll get credit for two Spanish courses which can then apply toward your degree (assuming your degree has spaces in it that can be satisfied by two Spanish courses). Meet the threshold for "Level 2" and you'll get an additional course toward your degree. So, if you scored well enough, you'd receive 9 credits of foreign language, some or all of which could then be applied toward your degree.

Here's the same sort of information for another school where I've worked:

You can see that, at this school, Level 1 would give you credit for SPA 101 and 102 (10 credits). Scoring into Level 2 would give you credit, additionally, for SPA 201 and 202. That's 16 credits toward a degree.

It's important to remember that you may not be able to actually USE all those credits. It just depends on what your degree has space for and what requirements you still have to satisfy.

Does that make sense?

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Gabriel’s Answer

Hi Bridget!

Thanks for the question. CLEP exams are not pass/fail. Instead, the score is based on the overall score that you received.

On CLEP exams, you receive one (1) point for every correct answer. The American Council on Education, which recommends credit for CLEP exams, recommends a minimum CLEP score of 50 in order to be eligible for credit. Note that a score of 50 is considered by ACE to be the equivalent of a C grade. Whether or not this is factored into the GPA is up to the school accepting the credit. Some schools calculate transfer credit, including CLEP scores, into the GPA while other do not.

Also note that some schools may require a score higher than 50 on CLEP exams.

With all of this said, I would recommend:

1) Make sure the school(s) you are interested in accept CLEP exams

2) Make sure the CLEP exam(s) you are interested are appropriate for your degree plan. For example, you wouldn't want to take a World History CLEP exam if a World History course isn't required for your degree.

3) Find out the minimum score you will need in order for the CLEP exam to be accepted.

4) Find out the maximum number of CLEP exams you can transfer in.

Best of luck and please continue to post questions!

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