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How Can I Follow Up With My Back Up Plan ?

what classes to take for college with music/engineering but also being able to focus on boxing as my back up plan

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2 answers

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Sheena’s Answer

Hi Kiari, the music and the engineering fields both have broad range of specialties that you can look into. One of the things I can suggest is try searching for audio engineering courses - would this be what you want to do? If this is, there are course pathways designed specifically for this and you can try contacting schools to check on the programmes they offer to help you decide.

As for boxing, my suggestion is to train. Find a gym that's accessible to you and train consistently. Maybe the school you choose would have a boxing team you can join too. I've trained for a couple of martial arts over the years, while I was still a student, and now while I'm working in corporate. I suppose the main difference would be your interest in potentially making a living out of it.

A thing to consider too would be, if you would be choosing to be a musician while being active with sports at the same time, I would advise to consider proper planning. An example from personal experience is, there was a time when I was part of my class' volleyball team, and the finals for the volleyball matches was around the same time I was part of a piano competition. Knowing in advance that I could not participate in the finals PLUS considering that I could not risk any injury (like broken finger, sprained arm or ankle, etc.), I had to choose to not participate in the volleyball matches and concentrate on my piano competition instead. This might not be the exact situation you might be in, but it's something to consider too, about allocating time to certain activities and weighing out the sports activity against the music activity.

All the best with your career!

Sheena recommends the following next steps:

Check out if audio engineering is what you'd like to specialise in
Contact schools to see what they offer, to help you decide
Train in local gyms for boxing
Discuss your training goals with your trainer, join amateur competitions
*NOTE: Always get a health professional's clearance/advice when starting/participating in activities like boxing programmes
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Melisa’s Answer

Hi Kiari,

Thanks for your question. Great advice from Sheena. I switched my major in college from Music to Organizational Management in my final 2 years before earning my B.A. Degree. I kept music as my foundation for a possible "back-up" career, but also because it is a passion for me. I started playing with our church praise band and getting to know fellow musicians, many of whom are in careers in music.

I also found it helpful to have mentors or even individual meetings with people in fields and careers that interest you so you can learn from them and ask questions you might have.

As Sheena shared, it takes "proper planning," and good time management on your part so you will not start to get stressed out by conflicting commitments.

Best wishes to you in your career and educational goals.

Melisa recommends the following next steps:

Find a boxing coach or instructor near you that you can shadow on the job and ask questions to.
Search for a social media group in boxing and engineering you can join and learn from others.
Look for local volunteer opportunities that may also expose you to people in these career fields.