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If I take physiology and phscology in high school does it count as college credits?

Asked Queen Creek, Arizona

I want to become a paramedic #paramedic

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Nancy’s Answer


If you take AP Psychology and do well on the AP exam it may well give you college credit. Most high school courses that are not AP will not. If you take physiology while in high school at a local community college it is possible the credit will transfer to a state 4-year college, but not guaranteed. Rules are different. Call your community college and ask.

David’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

I’m new at this so I’m not sure if your question is related to wanting to become a paramedic. If you do want to know how, the main requirement is basic EMT. There are two year associate degree paramedic programs in Arizona. I highly suggest one of those. There is one at Chandler/Glendale Comm. College They can tell you all the pre reqs. I bacame an EMT just before my senior year in high school. Worked at that level on a paramedic hospital unit for a year. And then became a paramedic. https://study.com/academy/course/emt-paramedic-guide.html

Some high schools do work with local community colleges and offer dual enrollment classes in theses subjects, which would provide college credit.

Brian’s Answer

Updated Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Depends which college you go to, each has their own policies on what transfers and what doesn't.