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Good Morning. I am in the process of completing my electrical trade to obtain certifications, I would like to ask some questions to induct a informational interview.

1. What are some tips to become a successful electrician?

2. What are some typical job duties on a day to day basis?

3. What field do you think would be a good pick for electrical?

Thank you comment icon Hi James! Per our Community Guidelines, please post one question at a time. You can create as many questions as you'd like! It much easier for Professionals to respond to one question at a time. Thanks! Alexandra Carpenter, Admin
Thank you comment icon Success is in the eye of the beholder, what do you mean in terms of successful? Like respected or top of your field, or just make good money? What position as an electrician are you looking at? And the field is electrical, I think you are looking to ask what specific type of electrical study, as in engineer, lineman, controls? Mark Holcomb

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1 answer

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James’s Answer

Make it your passion, and not just a job. Above all else your safety is more important than anything else.Also, don't trust anyone else, when it comes to Power being shut off. Always use a meter l, to check yourself. You will grow to absorb every, and every aspect of becoming an Electrician, if you stay focused, and committed to applying your best. Ask questions, and never walk away from the task at hand, until you know 100% everything is correct.
Some basic job duties would be understanding your task, gathering correct parts and/or material, and tools to complete task. Tasks can be installing boxes, running EMT, or schedule 40 PVC underground, to Schedule 80 exposed, or installing panels. You might be replacing bad devices such as GFCIs, receptacles, light switches, ceiling fans, or heavy machinery, or even installing Generators. There's so many tasks, you'll get a chance to apply yourself to.Any field would be exceptional as this is my passion. Automation, and controls is taking over, so learn as much as you can, and find what you love. Theres a plethora of possibilities. Hopefully you push beyond an become very successful in this trade.
Thank you comment icon You rock! This advice is very helpful. Marquis