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What classes do I have to take to become dermatologist?


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2 answers

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Cam’s Answer

You'll need to go to medical school to become a dermatologist. I'd recommend taking pre-med classes and reviewing med school requirements.
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Kess’s Answer

Hi Shawn!

Great question! You'll need to complete medical school to become a dermatologist. Here is the general breakdown:

1. Complete high school

2. Research what college you want to go to for your bachelor's degree. Most medical schools will consider any degree as long as you've completed the prerequisites for the med school.
(I have a bachelor's in biomedical science with minors in chemistry and sociology, and my friends in medical school have English, Russian history, and Psychology degrees.)

3. Take as many classes as you can for your degree at your community college to save money (but make sure they transfer to university)! Apply for financial aid through FAFSA. Some community colleges have programs to get you from that community college and into a nearby university.

4. Apply for and graduate with at least a bachelor's degree.

5. Prepare for and take the MCAT (medical college admissions test).

6. Prepare for and apply to medical schools (both MD (medical doctor) and DO (doctor of osteopathic medicine) can become dermatologists).

7. Complete 4 years of medical school (the first 2 years are book learning, second two years are clinical rotations). Licensing exams are done after the 2nd year of medical school and another after the 3rd year. Then the 3rd one is done during residency.

8. Apply for and attend the dermatology residency - another 3 years of training. (Take your 3rd major exam here.)


You might also consider Physician's Assistant, esthetician, or other skin-related professions which aren't dermatologists specifically.