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What does a typical day look like on this job ?(medical assistant)

Hi my name is sandra.

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Eric’s Answer

Greetings Sandra;
The Truth, Hard Work but rewarding.
It's depends upon where you work and what you do.
It's like taking care of yourself but doing it to another person, bathing feeding recording vital signs intake and out put correctly
of what your patient eats and excretes. It's communicating with and understanding needs of a group of people all at once but knowing people have to wait.
One has to organize time efficiently and effectively. Know that some of your team members don't want to do the right thing ; but you show up for work on time because you are highly valuable on a team. Always ask for help when lifting so you can continue to care for yourself.
The best way to find out if it's right fore you because it is such a high demand for good CNA's. But I used my experience to gain helpful knowledge as I progressed in my nursing career. each step as a building block for the next entry level; but not necessarily.
A lot of people skip the hard part and go straight into nursing not knowing what the CNA's actually do and sometimes this is a bad thing because some promote themselves as a higher up than a CNA. True this is wrong about the health care system; but you will have more empathy for your patients and understand their fear because you get to talk to them and that is the most valuable link to patient care.
Patient care is about attitude toward your fellow man instead of a job. It requires empathy and care of being understanding instead of blaming when you see emesis fecal matter and blood and without regard to sight and smell while being professional. Because a patient couldn't reach the call bell or unexpectedly has an accident in bed (car crash or a real train wreck lol ). Sometimes you become so busy you forget your lunch breaks and when you are tired there is a dedication to get up and answer that light that keeps going off just before you get off work.
Sometimes it becomes thankless from peers and others, you just have to understand that is your job.
I would challenge yourself to have a job shadow to make sure you want to pursue that valuable occupation.
Not monetarily because you don't go into the nursing field for money or glory. It's really to fulfill the commandment of healing the sick and taking care of others who are less fortunate with needs.