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What does the job of a computer systems analyst entail?

I would like to get a more detailed description of what it means to be a systems analyst. Is it feasible to work as a freelance contractor? What industries/Offices can you work in? What are examples of the systems to be analyzed? Does it require/involve proficient knowledge of programming languages? Any suggestions of companies that would be a good fit for this field?


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From my experience, a systems analyst can mean many different things. In my case, when I worked in a job with this title I was responsible for tasks related to a customer facing website: 1. Monitoring system health 2. Reporting on system health (response times, availability, etc) 3. Reporting on transaction volumes on the website 4. Analyzing customer sessions on the website to find any issues that may impact customer experience 5. Analyzing customer reviews of the website to find underlying issues 6. Incident management - review and address issues that affected single users 7. Defect management - review and document issues that require development work to fix I'm sure the list could go on and on, but that is at least a good overview. Also, depending on the system for which your analysts skills would be needed, the actual output could differ as well. While extensive knowledge of programming languages was not necessary to be successful in this job, some knowledge and a willingness to learn at least the basics did come in handy when trying to figure out problems on my own. I have done this type of work both on site with companies as well as in a remote worker situation. Since the majority of the work involves reviewing, analyzing, and reporting on data a face to face work environment is not always necessary. However, depending on the company you work for, additional project work could be involved in the position which could necessitate more in person meetings.
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Hello Precious, In short a systems analyst is the one who will be the planner and problem solver in terms of keeping the organization productive and up to date with their technologies. You will need to know the business side and the technology side. Learn the following systems: Java, SAP, Oracle, SQL and most certainly make sure you are able to communicate properly, research and collaborate effectively. Good thing is that most positions pay very well!
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A broad term. Do you what to specialize in cyber security?; programming an EMR?; working for a gaming company?; or does industry matter?; a programming language? I would suggest finding an interest in a field that excites you, that allows you initially lateral movement between industries and then allows you the deep dive into what you were meant for. Best to you.
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