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What are the top benefits and/or challenges of your job ?


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3 answers

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Zoey’s Answer

Every pro and con can be very person dependent, what one person may not enjoy someone else might. My pros working in the veterinary field are
-Helping patients and clients
-Trimming cat nails
-Surgery, pain management, and anesthesia
-Preparing and administering medications
-Lab work
-Performing physical exams
-Communicating with clients
-Continuing education and tons of hands on experience
-Interacting with patients of all kinds
-Animal kisses and snuggles
-Animal husbandry
-Animal behavior

Some cons can be
-Interacting with mean or unreasonable clients
-Handling scared and aggressive pets
-Expressing an@l glands
-Trimming dogs nails
-Euthanasia, despite it being humane it is hard for all parties and something that doesn't get any easier to be a part of
-Abused animals
-Diagnosing a sick or dying animal than having to discuss the results with the owner, super sucks
-Treating sick animals who are dying
-Accidental/sudden death
-Hours and pay
-Mean coworkers

Like I said, every person is different and what I might not enjoy doing you might. It's something you'll have try and experience for yourself. Good luck! :)
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Aliya’s Answer

Hi Monique:

I used to work in a veterinarian hospital for over 16 years as a Vet Tech. Here are a few things I experience while in this field:

Pros: Learning how to help animals to stay healthy by educating their owners.
Hands-on experience learning how to give medications, surgeries, radiology, lab work, and so forth
Networking - the client can use you for house/pet sitting since they know you
Learning how to triage and apply yourself - I feel it has helped me in everyday life
Most importantly, seeing that animals walk out of that hospital for whatever reason is priceless because you were the one that took great
care of them
Euthanizing the animal in a humane way
The Owner's trust - some clients will want you only to handle their babies because you make their animal feel calm and secure.
The Veterinarian takes you under their wings to expand your knowledge in medicine

Cons: Dealing with people who don't look at animals as a family but as property
Working extended hours (sometimes less pay depending on the State and facility)
Doctors or staff who are not helpful and their corporate issues
Animal bites, scratches, etc. (some can be severe) / Accidental deaths in the hospital/clinic
Working the weekends or overnight
Animals that are abused, dying, or complex animals that are hard to treat
Maintaining a license as a Vet Tech (for an increase in salary)
Animal Husbandry (cleaning cages - blood, vomit, feces, urine)

Nevertheless, if there is something you enjoy, the Pros will weigh out the Cons. I was there, especially for the animals and to learn about medicine.

As a freshman, they will start you off in animal husbandry, feeding, bathing, applying topical medications on animals, bringing the animal back so they can be checked, walking the dogs to use the restroom, and learning how to hold that animal to be examined or draw their blood. Once you gain confidence, you will start with minimal responsibilities and work up to surgeries.

I hope this helps, and enjoy the journey.
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Evelyn’s Answer

So, you're studying animal anatomy? That is such a wonderful career! I'm an animal lover too. And as for challenges? All job has their challenges, but at the same time, they can be so rewarding! As long as you enjoy what you do, most challenges will be welcomed as opposed it being a hinder. All animal sense when they are well taken care of and loved. Always find joy in all that you set out to do; with this said, you will make an excellent (as my niece calls it) animal doctor.

Evelyn recommends the following next steps:

Use your challenges as an asset.
Always find time for yourself
Meditate, ride a bike, jog, do yoga if challenges become overwhelming.