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Graduate School Applications

How or where would I be able to find someone to help me with my letter of intent for graduate school? Particularly for the MSW program.

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2 answers

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Will’s Answer

Hi Kennedy,

First of all, congratulations on your recent accomplishment - BA in Psychology per your previous question!

Here're a few tips for getting help on your letter of intent for graduate school.

Starting within your undergrad
- check with career center if there's one which normally helps with resume, cover letter, etc.
- see if any professors in your department (psychology) can provide some suggestions

Outside campus
- check MSW program websites from your target schools to make sure you are mutual fit
- connect with professionals in social work area or students currently enrolled for advice
- contact faculty in target school/program for guidance

- lots of online resources for tips of writing (it could be overwhelming)
- there might be companies or freelancers to help with letter of intent (probably not free)

Good luck🤞
Thank you comment icon Thank you so much, Will! Kennedy
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Kess’s Answer

Hi Kennedy!

This is a very good question!

There are usually a few options but most require you to have at least a rough draft of your letter. If you don't have a rough draft yet, there may be someone at your college or university that can help you draft it. If you are not currently in school, perhaps friends or family could help. Especially consider asking people that know you well, since they'll be able to point out your strengths and qualities better than others.

Next, ask some friends or family members to proofread it. This is just to get insight on how to make the content better. You can use Grammarly for feedback on grammar, spelling, and other such things (

Finally, you'll need an editor. This can be a friend or family member who is very good at writing or you might consider hiring a professional editor. I used this website for my personal statement for medical school: . I used the editor WordMechanic and he was excellent.

Kess recommends the following next steps:

Write a rough draft. Ask friends what your best qualities are.
Run it through Grammarly for basic corrections -
Have a few people proofread it.
Get it edited for that final polishing!
Thank you comment icon I appreciate this, thank you for the advice. Kennedy