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Hello....! I would like to work as a pilot but I'm not studying aero, i'm studying ece. Am I able to become a pilot?

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i was just confused because my wish to work as pilot. i didn't have a guider to guide me. After 4 years what course would help me to work as pilot , what training should I do? pls guide me i want to work as pilot...
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2 answers

Richard’s Answer

I am not familiar with ECE so I can't advise you on something of which I have no knowledge. If you have a strong desire to become a pilot, you MUST start studying Aerodynamics and other aviation-related subjects. The ONLY way to become a pilot is to start learning everything there is to know about the field, followed by initiation of flight training. India may have an ab initio pilot training programs whereby a person with strong academics cab get into a training program. A Google search will answer many of your questions. This is one I Googled and pulled up. "pilot training in india" information.
The Indian equivilent of the United States Federal Aviation Administration is the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA-India). I would seek out an office of the DGCA and ask questions of them. They should be pleased to assist you.
The aviation world is huge and growing rapidly. The need for qualified aircrews is growing with many current pilots approaching retirement age. There is a worldwide pilot shortage that increases yearly. Agreat time to become a pilot but be assured...you have to love flying to make it to the top in this very rewarding profession.

Jesse’s Answer


There is more than one way to become a pilot. I am currently an army helicopter pilot in the California army national guard. I fly Blackhawk helicopters. If you wanted to follow my route, the best thing to do is contact an army recruiter. To be a pilot in the army you need to be an army officer or a warrant officer.

If you choose to be an officer, you will need to get commissioned, which will require a bachelors degree. There are a few commissioning sources, to include, ROTC, Officers Candidate School and military academies (West Point). Once you commission, list your top choices for branch (Aviation, infantry, armor, etc.). Based on your competitiveness and where you rank amongst your peers, your may get your first choice. This is if you choose to go active duty army. Once you have been selected to branch aviation, you will go to flight school. At flight school, based on your competiveness, you will go through another order of merit list, to choose which aircraft to fly, UH60s, CH47s, etc. Once you complete flight school your will be a pilot in the army. The key during this route is to become competitive. There are a few areas that determine competiveness, academics (GPA), leadership, and army physical fitness tests APFT. There may be more, but those are the biggest areas. So, regardless of major in college, strive for a high GPA, be physically fit, develop leadership skills and be involved in extra curricular activities.

If you choose to become a warrant officer, you will need to first enlist in the army, then submit a warrant officers packet but you will not need a college degree. There are a number of things that will make you competitive, so a college degree may help. Once you are selected, you will then be sent to flight school.

Jesse recommends the following next steps:

  • Contact an Army recruiter