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I just need to talk to someone who is a wedding planner for my senior project so they can be a mentor

Updated Asheville, North Carolina

I need a mentor for my senior project

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Holly’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

At Career Village we cannot give you individuals to seek out, for any individual projects however, I think what I would do is to start by calling companies that coordinate these types of events in your area. Teachers, other students, your parents, can be helpful and will guide you too. I know that Las Vegas NV is one of the great places people travel to for events. Las Vegas has numerous facilities for wedding, events, catering, event planning. This would be a great field of study for you as a wedding coordinator, planning' and or Project management, Marketing, this is a huge field for you to researching too. I begin with the internet search engines, then see what all comes up for you in the field. Then you can call around; ask many questions about the events and planning that would be where I would start. Secondly this is a great minor, not a great major. I have a friend whom pursued this field and has a very difficult time making ends meet without steady pay. This is good to begin as a hobby or start slowly for a business then build your client base. We always are in need of new businesses everywhere. This would be a fun job.
Another thing you that you may want to display on tables or in your project you can make right from home. Some items like invitation’s, also, then some nicely displayed center pieces for the wedding guest, so on.
There are many websites that you can find that can help just by putting in what you are seeking. That is if you want to get creative with the project, props are helpful for any display projects.
The best of luck I hope this helped you!

Yup. Holly is 100% right on this. I would just add that you can open up your local yellow pages (or just google "wedding planner Ashville") and call someone up. If you tell them you're a high school student interested in a career in wedding planning and want a "mentor" to "interview for an hour" I'm sure you'll get someone to agree within your first 10 calls. Good luck Summer!