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What is the most direct route to become a Orthodontist?

I want to become a Orthodontist help people feel better about themselves. What is the best way to get there? #dentistry #orthodontist #orthodontists-assistant

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Michael’s Answer

The most direct way to become a orthodontist is to work hard and study! Becoming an orthodontist requires going to college for 4 years to earn a bachelors degree while completing the requirements to apply to dental school (another 4 years) to earn a Doctor of Dental surgery (DDS) or Doctor in Dental Medicine (DMD) degree (different names, same degree). After that, you must attend a 2-3 year "residency" to specialize in Orthodontics.

All of this requires being focused and, since you asked about the most direct way, wasting no time along this long road to make sure you earn admission to each program with no time off in between. To start, the most direct way to get to dental school is to major in a science degree that will ensure you take many or even most of the required courses to apply to dental school. However, it is not required to have a science degree. You may have any bachelors degree as long as you complete the required courses but completing a degree in art, for example, would require much more effort and planning to also complete the required science and math courses. For an example of admission requirements to dental school check out the application details on the website of a dental school nearest to you. #dental-school #orthodontist #dentistry