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Does Business and Accounting go hand in hand?

Asked Lubbock, Texas

I am wanting to do Business/Accounting and I am wondering if I would have to take them as separate degrees or are they on the same track to where I can obtain both at the same time. #women-in-business

2 answers

Micayla’s Answer

Updated Seattle, Washington
Hi, Chelsea! I'm excited to see that you are interested in pursuing a career in accounting! #women-in-business As for your question, it really depends on the school! In most situations, including my own, accounting is structured like a major within the Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Basically, what that means is, the classes required to take upper-level business courses are the same courses required to take upper-level accounting classes. At Gonzaga University, I graduated with my Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in accounting and a concentration in management information systems. Since the business field is so wide, most universities ask you to specialize (concentrate) - for example, you could choose marketing, economics, etc. So, in that sense, accounting is like a business concentration but it requires more classes, so it is considered a major. Regardless, it is very easy to take accounting classes and other business classes at the same time. I hope that helps!

McKenzi’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas
Hi Chelsea, Accounting would fall under the umbrella of Business. For example, I have a Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting. In order for me to graduate with my accounting degree I was required to take all of the general business classes (ex: marketing, management, business law, etc.) If you choose to pursue a degree in accounting I would recommend getting a Masters degree as well so you are eligible to sit for your CPA or attend law school following your bachelors. Most schools will have a program which allows you to get both a bachelors and a masters in 5 years. At Texas A&M, where I graduated, this is called the Professional Program of Accounting, I would recommend checking that out along with researching similar programs at the schools in which you are interested in attending. Best of luck to you!