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Which academic programs would provide the best social networks to obtain a job in Forensic Psychology

I am currently a psychology major at Towson University and have found that very few schools offer forensic psychology which makes me worry that it will also be difficult to find a job in the field. I am interested in being a forensic psychologist and studying criminal behavior however, I want to be sure I can get a job in the field.
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1 answer

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Linda Ann’s Answer

Forensic Psychology is a fascinating field of study and occupation. If that is your dream, pursue it and put your heart and soul into your studies.

Most young people don't like to hear what I am about to say: There are NO GUARANTEES in life. The world changes and we must change with it. Just because you spent 5 years in graduate school doesn't mean that you are guaranteed a job at the conclusion of that 5 (or 6 year adventure). But if you are good at what you do and learn as much as you can while in graduate school, develop networks (by attending conferences and doing research that allows you to showcase your research talents by doing a "poster presentation" at least early in your graduate school experiences, e.g., the second year) you will land some type of job within the discipline of psychology which will allow you to apply the skills that you've developed along the way.

I know this:
1. You really should be having this conversation with your Academic Advisor within Towson's Psychology Department who can guide you with the process of getting into a graduate program (and you are right, there aren't many of them).
2. You need to be doing research as an undergraduate to increase your changes of getting into graduate school (experience plus strong letters of recommendation from faculty at Towson).
3. Become a student member of the division of the American Psychological Association for Forensic Psychology. Attend a conference as an undergraduate, if you can afford it OR if Towson supports this (not likely for an undergraduate, but the division itself might offer some type of support via scholarships for undergraduates who show promise, i.e., by doing research!). That is how you develop social networks (first through your Advisor and then through the attendance at conferences, presenting posters, attending other research sessions).

Poke around at the website for the American Psychological Association, if you already haven't done so. Put in "forensic psychology" as a search term, which will of course give you lots of information. Here's but one of those links:

Best of luck to you!