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How do I know what college to attend, I mean, they're all nice, and I can't decide. How do I know for sure, which one is for me?

Asked Fielding, Utah

Because I can't officially decide on a college. #college-bound

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David’s Answer

Hi Morgan, There are a lot of factors that went into my own decision to choose my college. If you have not settled on a major, or are unsure about the major you are choosing, you may want to select a bigger college that has a wide array of choices. Another factor to consider is the school's career services. Do they have a center that will help you prepare a resume, find a job, and learn interview skills? Finally, the cost of the college is a huge deciding factor. You absolutely do not want to graduate with a lot of student debt. If all of the schools you are looking at have good career services, strong academics, and plenty of options for a major - you may want to choose the less expensive college. #college