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How to know whats right for me.

Asked Marion, Kansas

I tend to be really bad at predicting whether I will like something for a very short time or a long time, what are some things I can do to help me stay focused on one topic and find some things that I would like to do for a long time? #confused #undecided

2 answers

Gwynneth’s Answer

Updated San Jose, California
I tend to get bored with things relatively quickly. This was one issue I had when I was deciding where to go to college and what I wanted to do for a career. It helped me to think about careers that have opportunities that change or where I can grow and learn new things. If you think you might not like one career forever that's okay. A lot of people change their careers at some point in their life and there are always opportunities to change if you are unhappy. Think, for example, about a career in business. While there is one major there are many areas within the world of business. There is marketing, accounting, human resources, etc. Even within those fields there are different areas of specialties. I would recommend thinking about what you might be interested in and think of career options that might allow you some flexibility in terms of work, location, learning opportunities. I think if you have opportunities for continuous change you will be more likely to like it in the long-term. #variety #career-exploration

Marc’s Answer

Updated Raleigh, North Carolina
I was never really "great" at any subject in high school. I was "ok" at almost all of them, but because of this I was confused of what my major would be in college. Luckily, the first two years in college tend to be general study courses. And many universities offer a "first year" college type program that helps you identify subjects that may be more interesting to you. For me, I started off thinking I would go into history as that was a subject I enjoyed in high school. I ended up going into accounting. This came about by just taking an intro to accounting course. I found the topics interesting enough and more importantly I noticed that the information did not come as easy to my other colleagues. I took a few more accounting courses and found my niche.