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College rowing, yay or nay?

Updated Arlington, Virginia

I am REALLY into rowing, crew is my life, especially as a coxswain to just wants to see my boat succeed in everything they do together. But I don't know if pursuing rowing in college is a good idea if I'm going to be doing other things like some of the harder classes plus a major and a minor. Is it doable? Is it worth it?
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2 answers

Russell’s Answer


Hey if you find something you love, do it. All other things can be incorporated around crew. Remember, you're in school to learn and grow, not just row.

Russell recommends the following next steps:

  • Schedule your roster around the crew schedule and work from there.

Anthony Wayne’s Answer

Hi Payton, there are a few things you should consider: 1. How much time do you need to put towards study. College advisors will say you should plan on 2 hours for every credit hour. For a full course load (18 credits), that's 36 hours of studying a week. Not everyone needs that much study time and some people will need more. 2. How much practice time is required for Crew? 3. Do you plan to have a job or other involvement in college like clubs and organizations? I think if you consider these things and talk to those who know you (friends, teachers, advisors), they can help with this decision. Also, depending on your school, you could participate in Crew as an extra curricular.
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