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To become a wildlife veterinarian, would I need to study both Veterinary science and wildlife management or can I just study zoology

Asked Houston, Texas

I am unsure what to study as my major #veterinary #wildlife

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Dr Jill Stetz’s Answer

Updated Narberth, Pennsylvania
First step to being a wildlife veterinarian, is becoming a veterinarian. Then you can pick a specialty such as wildlife. If you are interested in wildlife, I would recommend working or volunteering at wildlife centers or a specialty practice. Best wishes!
I would definitely narrow down what you want to focus on. I originally went to Undergrad for Zoology, with the intent to go into Vet Med School after. I ended up graduating with a Wildlife Conservation degree and then worked as a wildlife caretaker. Definitely apply to animal care internships and volunteer at domestic animal shelters/vet clinics and wildlife sanctuaries to see which you prefer. Good luck.. definitely hard work, but rewarding!