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What is it like to be some sort of architect?

Asked Athens, Ohio

I'm interested in being an architect or an interior designer. I've heard that some people find it difficult. So I'm curious about real peoples experience in the field. I would like a better understanding of what to expect. #architecture #interior-design #interior-decorating

2 answers

cheryl’s Answer

Updated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I would agree with what Sue said if you are working independently. This is not an automatic get rich plan. The ones who do make a lot of money really work hard at it, have the guts to charge high fees and take risk to build a business. This would be with any business. That aside there are a lot of things that you can do with the education beside being a business person designer. You can work for a firm, but know you will be working within someone else's business model. You can become a sales rep for a company that sells goods and materials that designers and architects spec. I am now retired and received in the mid 70's a degree in environmental design (now interior architecture design) from Parsons School of Design. I have worked in a few areas of the design field and found all of them fascinating in some way. I adapted my career to what the needs of my family were at the time. The last 16 years I worked for a furniture retailer as a visual merchandiser managing the displays in the showroom ordering accessories balancing the inventory. The pay was not fabulous but it was very reliable. I love the field I am now retired but still have a keen interest. If you love architecture, design and decorating I think that there are many directions you can go. I worked with a manager at Raymour and Flanigan who had gone to school for architecture who loved what he did and commented , "it is crazy the path that life sometimes chooses for you." Good luck

Sue’s Answer

Updated Woodbridge, Virginia
I am an interior designer with my own business since 2005. There are days that my job is very easy and great fun and there are others that it is such hard work and frustration, I wonder if it's worth it. In the end when my clients see their finished rooms, all dressed out and polished, the look on their faces is priceless. I create solutions to their home decor and function problems! Changing lives one laundry room at a time!!! There is a lot of business knowledge involved in selling, procuring, managing and installing hundreds of products regularly. Self employment tax is brutal and very expensive,, Quarterly payments to Uncle Sam for taxes are not an easy thing rather. This is not an easy profession, nor an easy money making endeavor. Passion and focus are needed to succeed over the long run. All the best to you!