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What kind of career opportunities are available to those with a degree in Sociology

I am very interested in studying sociology in college, but I find it difficult to think of a career that could benefit from that kind of knowledge #sociology #social-sciences

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Kim’s Answer

Hi Carlos!

I majored in Sociology, eons ago. It is a very interesting major. I would recommend asking yourself what it is you would like to be doing. There are many careers that require specific majors, such as the sciences, accounting, etc. And, there are lots of jobs that simply require a degree. Any degree. If you fall in the latter category, sociology will work for you. However, it will be up to you to be able to explain how it relates to the position you are applying for.

Thirty-five years later, what can I say I got from Sociology? An open-mindedness towards all people and cultures, the ability to research, write, and think independently.

How did I use it? I was a career law enforcement officer, at an international airport. Although I never tried for promotion, I was tasked with special assignments, including working on the budget and planning a disaster exercise. Additionally, I was very active in the police association, working for improvements to training and professionalism, as well as reasonable salary and compensation benefits. I did comparative studies of other agencies.

How can you use it? Any way you want, so long as you can show how it relates. I now work at a state workforce office. I am amazed at how people use their degrees! The easiest jobs to get with a liberal arts degree are working for the government, usually in social service agencies. But, you could just as easily go into Communications/Public Relations for private corporations, sales, teaching (with a teaching certificate), become a corporate trainer, work for non-profit organizations, etc.

The first professional job is usually difficult to get. I encourage you to work part-time while in school, doing something where you will acquire customer service skills. Do some volunteer work to get an insider's view of various agencies, and intern. This will all help to make you more marketable, as well as give you a realistic perspective of what potential jobs are all about.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance!

Thank you so much!!!! This is so helpful. Will definitely let you know about any questions I have in the future. Have a good day! Carlo S.