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I am taking sociology in college, what are the different jobs that are available in that field?

I initially wanted to take integrated medicine but they will not transfer my credits from a previous college. So I am attending GCU of which transferred 44 credits. #sociology is the closest thing at that college that will enable me to help people in a better way.

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6 answers

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Linda’s Answer

As a sociology professor for 25 years, I agree with Kim's answer that you do not need to go for a Master's degree, especially immediately after graduation. Many students do not know what kind of advanced degree they would like to pursue. They desire time and work experience in clarifying career goals. Also, there are many jobs for which our sociology majors got hired. Here are a few examples (I don't want to get carried away): working in nonprofits in some capacity, law enforcement, government positions, Teach for America, Americorps, research, human resources, college admissions, college access/preparation programs. Also, I can't stress enough that if your schedule allows, do internships. Do as many as your university allows. It gives you an opportunity to explore potential careers, and it provides you with valuable work experience. All the best Dejanira.

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Bri’s Answer

I will not list any careers since most were listed. But coming from someone with a sociology degree you should think about getting a masters. After I graduated I went on countless interviews all the time just to be turned away. My favorite line from employers was, “You have the knowledge but not the experience”. It would be best to have at least 5yrs experience or get your masters for this job. Thank you for your time”. So, yes! get your masters and pick the field of interest in sociology that you’re interested in and look up jobs for the career. However, there are still jobs you can do without a masters. Talk to an advisor at the school. Hope this helps, good luck!

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Kim’s Answer


I would add

1. Career Counselor
2. Police Officer/Probation Officer/Juvenile officer
3. Crime Victim Advocate
4. Child Protective Services
5. Various positions within nonprofit agencies

I also want to respectfully disagree with the suggestion to go for your Masters. While a lot of young people are doing it, here are reasons NOT to:
1. Jobs are different than you expect them to be. Once you actually get to a company/organization you want to work for, you will have a better idea of which masters to go for! Should it be Urban Planning, Social Work, or ?
2. $$$$$. There are employers who offer tuition assistance. Finding one of those would be nice!
3. Once you have some actual work experience under your belt, the material taught in a masters program will make a lot more sense to you, and you will benefit from it more than if you were to take it right away.

Thank you so much! Dejanira D.

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David’s Answer

With a degree in Sociology, there is a lot of job and career you can be in, I have listed the top 10 most Sociology major degree career and job below. You may take into consideration about it and maybe pursue in it. I totally understand you took some courses from previous college and was not about to transfer the full amount over but if you are really into integrated medicine and has the passion for this, and don't mind the amount of time you are in college or completing the course, I think you pursue what you are passionate about or do a minor major as well if you and your school adviser can plan out the coursework needed.

- Guidance Counselor
- Human Resources (HR) Representative
- Lawyer
- Management Consultant
- Market Research Analyst
- Media Planner
- Policy Analyst
- Public Relations (PR) Specialist
- Social Worker
- Survey Researcher/Pollster

Thank you very much! Dejanira D.

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Donte’s Answer

Good afternoon Dejanira,

Sociology is an excellent degree option to pursue being that it opens many career opportunities once you have graduated. I noticed that you stated that you would like to “help people in a better way”, and this degree will definitely allow to do so. Below I’m going to list a few careers that would be available to you once you’ve received your sociology degree:

1. Guidance Counselor
2. Human Resources Representative
3. Lawyer
4. Management Consultant
5. Market Research Analyst
6. Public Relations Representative
7. Social Worker

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Noorayaz’s Answer

Sociology can open the door for many careers. But I would recommend leveraging this for a Masters degree or a post-graduate degree. Education is important and something no one can take away. So a little further education can only help. This will also:

*Round out your education and help hone your skills towards a career you prefer
*It will set you apart from other arts graduates by demonstrating commitment and forward thinking

Very important to continue to a Master's program. I even found from that a masters in social work is such a broad degree you can get a position in multiple different specialties. So if your area of interest within sociology changes you can change course without having to return to school for another degree specialty. Nicole Banks