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Is there a military option on here ?

My name is coriean, I want to join the army and build my career as a special operations soldier. I suggest anyone who wants to join the military talk to all 5 branches before you go. Cause originally I was going into the marines but there benefits arent good they wont really take care of me...

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What career paths can I take in forensic psychology? What is the career growth? Annual salary? Any advice?

Psychology has been one of my main passions when it comes to learning and reading and I hope major in it. However, I want to be able to know more about the life of a Forensic Psychologist and all that comes with it from someone who has first hand experience. #forensics #psychology...

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When am I going to get an answer

I love acting and I hope I could get the opportunity to work as an actress. I also need this job so as to help my family even though I am young, so please help me....


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Does anyone have advice for college applications?

I'm a sophomore in high school who's looking to get a head start on college applications or improving my resume. I'm interested in business and possibly a job in the medical field (?) and was wondering if anyone had any advice for what I should do to catch the attention of college application...

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