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Heber J. Heber J. May 22, 2019 225 views

I'm interested in the medical field and would like to know what I should expect in the field.

I like to help people both mentally and physically. I'm interested in becoming a Nurse Anesthetics, General Dentist, Physical Therapist or Therapist. The medical field has always interested me as a child seeing how caring and attentive most doctors were and looked up to them...

Cecilia N.’s Avatar
Cecilia N. Cecilia N. Mar 27, 2020 390 views

What’s the best career decision you made?

My best career decision I’ve made was getting involved with elderly people (residents) as a cna....


Elizabeth K.’s Avatar
Elizabeth K. Elizabeth K. Mar 28, 2020 192 views

Who is in need of childcare service, regardless of health,learning, or developmental challenges

I am a freshman studying Early Childhood Education as Illinois State University, currently home doing online classes. I have always loved spending time with children. I have nannying experience with mainly infants and toddlers. The children I have cared for have had health, development and...


John S.’s Avatar
John S. John S. Mar 30, 2020 289 views

Would it be a good idea to hire a person to help me create a logo for my business before I get it started?

I am wandering If I should create a logo before i create my business so i can get more clients. #business #business-management...


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Xilai F. Xilai F. Mar 30, 2020 230 views

what is your major



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Tien N. Tien N. Mar 31, 2020 302 views
Gil C.’s Avatar
Gil C. Gil C. Mar 31, 2020 258 views
Michelle P.’s Avatar
Michelle P. Michelle P. Mar 31, 2020 413 views

I'm unsure what career options would suit me best with my current interests and hobbies. What advice can be given when looking for a career path that would suit me better when regarding my strengths and interests?

I'm currently a senior in high school. I enjoy marine biology, choir, colorguard (marching band), and helping others for the general cause. I have multiple interests but am unsure how to figure out what career path may suit me best depending on my strengths. My top 2 strengths are open...

#helpingothers #choir #colorguard #career-counseling #career-choice #career #leadership #marinebiology

Georgiana S.’s Avatar
Georgiana S. Georgiana S. Apr 01, 2020 283 views

Marketing Career

Hi, I am a freshman in college at an American University in Paris. I am currently a marketing major and I was wondering what are some steps I could take to better my career? #marketing #college...