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What would be a good major for someone who want to go into Physical Therapy and or Athletic Training?

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2 answers

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Brian’s Answer

Some AT programs are offered at the bachelor's degree so you could major in AT as an undergraduate student at some institutions. In the near future, AT programs will only be offered at the master's degree. PT is offered at the clinical doctorate. If you chose the MSAT or DPT route, undergraduate majors such as kinesiology, exercise science, human performance, exercise physiology and the like are great preparations. Be sure to pay attention to the prerequisites for both MSAT and DPT programs, which often require a strong science foundation (e.g. biology, physics, chemistry, anatomy, physiology).

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Mary Katherine’s Answer

A few options are:
- Biology
- Exercise Physiology
- Athletic Training
In order to be accepted into a physical therapy program there are many prerequisites that are required with an emphasis on a strong science based foundation (chemistry, physics, anatomy & physiology, biology etc.).