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What is a good way to determine what major will be best for your career path?

Asked Knoxville, Tennessee

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Nicholas’s Answer

Hello Brooke, For most jobs they won't care what your major is in so long as it's in the subject field. If you end up going premed I suggest picking a major that fits into the specialty you want to pursue (e.g. neurobiology/premed for neuro, etc.). It's sad but true. More importantly will be your demonstrated and applied knowledge of the subject matter to achieving a given objective. I know many doctors who can say they took neurobiology and understand a lot about the nervous system, but fewer will be able to say they actually applied that knowledge and studied it in a laboratory setting. In the post-college world it isn't about what you learned in college, because remember that you will be graduating with thousands of peers. It's how you apply that knowledge that will set you apart. Seek out your professors and ask them for their personal advice. They'll usually be more than happy to help and can even set you up with connections they have to get you some extracurricular experience and help you learn more about the application of what you learn in school. Hope this helps, Nick

Herman’s Answer

Updated California, California
Hi Brooke, It really depends on what you want as your career path. Most careers do not need a specific major, but you should study something related. For example, if you want to become a doctor, your undergraduate major does not matter, but you need to go to medical school after your undergraduate studies. Getting into medical school is tough, and requires a lot of science knowledge. For that reason, most pre-med students study a biological science. Best, Herman