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how to get scouted for soccer

Freshman in highschool what should i do to better my chances of being scouted for college soccer

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1 answer

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T.J.’s Answer

Hello Luis!

Two things you can do to prepare for college soccer:

- Put in the effort into practicing, researching, and showcasing your skills
- Network

College soccer is competitive. You'll want to stand out as one of the best student athletes.

You'll need to Practice. Frequently. Aim to become a competent, hard-working team member.
College games usually last longer than high school games. So, you'll need to have the physical ability to play longer. In your training, focus on building your endurance.

Also: Research the colleges you want to play soccer for.
Universities have different divisions for their teams. It's a good idea to figure out which teams you want to play for while applying to college.
It's also good to research teams because it gives you information to talk about with recruiters. It can help you appear more likable if you *know* their teams.

Networking means talking to people involved with soccer. Talk to your coach. Let them know what your goals are & your coach can help you gain access to important college soccer recruitment information.

See if you can network at soccer events:
- Attend a soccer camp.
- Visit a soccer tournament.
- Go to a soccer showcases.

If you talk to people, they might give you advice and recommendations for growth.

Wishing you the best as you start preparing for college soccer :)

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