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How can I make sure to keep applying to scholarships organized?

I'm really having a hard time keeping all the scholarships I'm applying for organized. I'm not organizing well. #organizing #scholarships #application due dates

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2 answers

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Taylor’s Answer

Hi Nicole. Kudos to you for applying to so many scholarship applications! I think this is great and the organization of this will be a skill highly used in the future with other academic assignments, project management for "real life" activities, and your future career. Here are a few tips that I would recommend for you to consider:

1. Create a summary page to have ALL details in one view. This would include Application Name, Due date, Dollar amount, required components, etc). Use the application you are most familiar with - this might be Word, Excel, Google Keeps, Google Sheets, SmartSheet, Trello, or any other task list application. Just make sure that you keep all of the key information in ONE place.

2. Visit this summary page 1 time per day and then write out what tasks you are going to accomplish that day or week. If you use excel or google sheets, you will be able to filter by the tasks that are most time sensitive and accomplish those first. Prioritizing is crucial here and it is OKAY to re prioritize every day if needed. Just make sure that you set aside 15 min per day to review your summary page.

3. Keep a binder with dividers and print out necessary documents. Or if you prefer digital organization, keep folders with each scholarship documentation appropriately. For application essays, keep a "Previous Version" folder, that way you can go back and look at your prior versions/revisions.

4. Keep a digital folder / note sheet / or section in the binder that keeps track of your student activities, work experience, volunteer hours, leadership experience, honors/awards, etc. Many scholarship applications ask for the same information (maybe in different ways, but it's all the same information). Have ONE place to go back and refer to your "personal achievements" to be more time efficient and update that ONE place as necessary. Along the same lines, don't be afraid to reuse things you have created for other applications. Sometimes you can change things slightly and not have to start over completely!

5. Set reminders in your calendar, or whichever way is best for you. You can even pick a family member, friend, or trusted advisor to share your "to do" list with and they can help hold you accountable and ask how things are going.

Hope this helps provide some organization tips! Remember... everyone is different and you just have to find what works best for YOU!

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McKenzi’s Answer

Hi Nicole, organizing your scholarships can be great practice for what it will be like to organize your assignments in college. Below are few different suggestions:

1) Create a gmail account - use the Google Sheets application to list out the key aspects of the scholarship (i.e. Name of scholarship, amount, required documentation, due date). Google calendar can be used to set reminders of various due dates and last but not least if you strictly use this email account for scholarships all correspondence will be organized in one place.

2) If you are able to print the applications organize them in a binder by due date.

3) Purchase a planner or wall calendar and mark down all due dates as well as reminders a week before the due date.

Best of luck!