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As someone with an interest in Environmental Engineering, what kind of steps can I take in high school to further my exposure?

Asked Spokane, Washington

My future occupation is to become an Environmental Engineer. I want to help create new solutions that will make a lasting impact on our environment, and I am willing to take the necessary steps to get there. #environmental-engineering #lasting-impact

3 answers

DAVID’s Answer

Updated Saint Petersburg, Florida
1. prepare for college by taking HS advanced or AP biology, chemistry, physics and math all the way including precalculus or calculus 2. start practicing for SAT test with practice books 3. start reviewing local state colleges that have environmental engineering 4. the first step is get into a college ..they look for SAT and AP or IB 5. the second step is to stay in college taking chemistry, physics and calculus the first two difficult years 6. your 3rd and 4th years you finally take engineering courses in HS start a environmental club, preparation to get accepted by a college is the top goal good luck

Mark’s Answer


First, if your high school offers any type of engineering classes like those in the Project Lead the Way curriculum, those could be enlightening. But honestly, all subjects in high school can benefit you in a career in environmental engineering. In almost every career, you need to sell something, e.g. an idea, a proposed solution, yourself as an expert. Consequently, the ability to communicate well in writing and verbally is paramount. Obviously, science and math comes into play so you should enjoy those subjects and do well in them . Environmental engineering relies very heavily on knowledge of chemistry, biology, as well as geology, and meteorology in certain instances. Subjects like economics also come into play when looking at sustainable solutions and topics like Life Cycle Analysis so you'll want a basic foundation in these subjects as well.

Donald’s Answer

Updated Rockwood, Michigan
Not a new recommendation, but really concentrate to master your HS STEM courses. This will give you an important step up with your college courses that set you up for an environmental career. Also, look up all of the environmental consulting companies in your area and contact them to tell them you are interested in being an intern during summer or after school. Understand that you will get close to 100% rejection, but your name will be in front of them and they may be prompted to invite you to special events or even start a HS intern program. Also look at community college courses in environmental topics to see if they will let you enroll while still a HS student. Ask your chemistry or biology teacher to invite an environmental rep from a local company to tell your class what they do to protect the environment. As a steel mill environmental manager, I did this about 4 times and would have been happy to do more.