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What would my best bet be?

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Hey there ladies and gents my name is Britton and I am a very Physical person. I like to do both calisthenics and weights. I also enjoy helping others, so if its possible to get a job that requires me to lift things I would not mind; honestly I also like learning about how the human body works. (pressure points, soft spots, and pretty much anything that includes learning about how our body works.) Currently I am in NJROTC and my rank is Enlisted 4 petty officer third class, and I am probably going to have to depend on the military to pay for my college, but if I can just find out what career would be best for me it would be great. #adviceneeded #physical-education #military #weight-and-fitness-training #weightlifting #anatomy

2 answers

Anthony’s Answer

I have a similarly skilled sibling who struggles with the same kind of question. How to turn your passion into a profession. You can easily turn this into a career with minimal effort. For one, get credentialed, I'm sure you know your way around a gym, but if you want to be a professional you need some kind of proof.

Research what kinds of certifications are available to you, these are professional credentials you can get relatively cheap compared to a full degree. There are numerous available, some that deal with anatomy or physiology, nutrition etc.

Pick up some certs, and start a fitness troupe. Recruit people from the gym or the super market, put ads online. I see people all over the city throw a logo on their car and drive around to meet people or groups and provide personal training. This could be you.

David’s Answer

As a Navy Veteran I can honestly say that you should start off by talking to your recruiter and looking at the navy Website. Search for rates in the Navy and you will see all the various jobs we have available. If you are interested in the medical field than a Corpsman is the job for you and the possibilities are endless as far as the area of study. Just remember that in the beginning of your Naval career you do a lot of work that seems unimportant. Those tasks are very important despite popular belief and the longer you stay in the more you realize it, Yes, the Navy can help you pay for your college and get you a head start if you decide to leave the military because of the training you receive.