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Career Questions tagged Physical Education

Ian’s Avatar
Ian Nov 15 121 views

Could you help share with me what you would have done differently with your process to becoming a PE teacher to make it easier for my journey?

I am a Senior graduating High School this year and aspire to be a Physical- Education teacher. I am new to the process and want to know the best way to do it. Thank you! #Fall22

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Jan 16, 2018 365 views

What is the best school in New York to transfer to if I want to become a gym teacher?

I need help deciding where to transfer to #physical-education #education #teaching

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Jan 16, 2018 1173 views

What are all the requirements to become a physical education teacher in New York State?

I want to become a physical education teacher and am unsure of certain classes I need to take, as well as certifications after college is over. #gym #education #physical-education #teaching

Britton’s Avatar
Britton Sep 29, 2017 726 views

What would my best bet be?

Hey there ladies and gents my name is Britton and I am a very Physical person. I like to do both calisthenics and weights. I also enjoy helping others, so if its possible to get a job that requires me to lift things I would not mind; honestly I also like learning about how the human body works....

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Aug 26, 2016 1430 views

Will it look bad on my transcript if I take PE instead of a sport?

Hey there! So I'm going to be a freshman in highschool and I wanted to know if not being apart of a team is gonna make me look lazy or seem like I'm not a hardworker when applying for colleges. Most of my friends are on a team, but I just thought that it's just not for me. #college #sports...