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Will it look bad on my transcript if I take PE instead of a sport?

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Hey there! So I'm going to be a freshman in highschool and I wanted to know if not being apart of a team is gonna make me look lazy or seem like I'm not a hardworker when applying for colleges. Most of my friends are on a team, but I just thought that it's just not for me. #college #sports #school #high-school #extracurriculars #physical-education

3 answers

Brandon’s Answer


Whether or not someone plays sports in high school has almost no relevance to college admissions. Schools will mainly look at your test scores (SAT, ACT, etc), grades, as well as what classes you took and any general extracurricular actives you may have been involved with. Colleges will not look down on you if you decide playing sports isn't for you. A lot of students initially get involved with sports teams when they go to high school but through the next four years that number will decrease as competition increases for spots on the freshman, junior-varsity, and varsity teams. Also, other opportunities in areas you may not be aware of yet will be available. There are numerous ways to be involved in school outside of athletics (school yearbook, newspaper, drama club, DECA, National Honor Society, student officers) - these are just a few of the options that were available when I was in high school 15 years ago. As you get to your junior and senior years, some students will even have jobs outside of school. Keep your grades up and you'll be good when it comes time to find a college. If you change your mind about sports you can always try one next semester or next year.

Monty’s Answer


Hi Anita- I'm going to be at least the third person to reassure you that participating in a high school sports team is not a college admission requirement.

You are just entering high school and your transcripts will take care of themselves with academics and extracurricular activities you engage yourself in throughout the next four years. Be yourself and explore as many possibilities and opportunities you can. Pick out a couple activities or hobbies that you may already have and enjoy those by finding a club or others who have the same interests. That does not have to include athletics if that does not interest you.

Try some new activities. High schools have all kinds of extracurricular clubs such as theater, photography, gaming, audio/visual club, creative writing, etc. - the list is almost endless of the outside activities high schools have available. Go visit a meeting or two and see if something peaks your interest.

But don't worry about not being on a sports team if that is not for you right now.

Be the best student you can, make level headed decisions and enjoy your high school experience.

All the best.

Ollie’s Answer


Anita, don't worry about stuffing your transcript to get into college, especially when you're just entering high school.

Competitive colleges look for commitment, creativity, and personal integrity. If playing a sport "just isn't you" don't waste your time on it -- don't pretend to be somebody you're not.

Do something that IS you. If somebody you respect invites you to try out for a team, be open to it. If somebody invites you join a club, be open to that too.

Have a great time in high school and keep the faith.