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Olga R. Apr 08, 2014 1547 views
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Andrea H. Apr 29, 2014 1703 views

Does attending an Ivy League or prestigious college affect the way potential employers view your application?

Could this give you an advantage when it comes to looking for jobs after graduating or even just internships during college? I will be attending an Ivy League next fall. career education career-path...


Cindy H.’s Avatar
Cindy H. Jan 13, 2015 1735 views

Is it better to go to a 4-year college or transfer in from a community college?

I'm debating whether I should go straight to a 4 year or transfer in from a community college. college...


Makayla B.’s Avatar
Makayla B. Feb 18, 2015 1058 views

What are some of the scholarships that they offer at Full Sail University?

Hi, I am Makayla and I am thinking about going to Full Sail University and majoring in film production and or directing. I will minor in screenplay. Does any know what scholarships that they offer? college scholarships film director producer...


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Jorge N. Feb 18, 2015 793 views

Computer engineering high school class suggestions

Hello, I am a sophomore in high school and I will be entering my Junior year in the fall. I want to chase a career in computer engineering and I want to know what classes you suggest I take in preparation for my college years. Thank You for reading. :) college computer-engineering...


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Yaminah C. Feb 18, 2015 1630 views

Besides a psychologist, what other career options are there for someone interested in social sciences like psychology, anthropology, sociology, etc.?

I'm a junior who's leaning towards going to college to major in a social science like psychology. However, I don't know what other career options there are for those interested in those types of sciences. psychology careers sociology anthropology...


Terrell S.’s Avatar
Terrell S. Mar 19, 2015 886 views

What other tasks, besides conducting research in a lab or observatory, do astronomers usually do in a day?

I wanted to know if astronomers do other work besides research in a lab or observatory. science...


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Zech L. Apr 01, 2015 824 views

How do I become a Pastor and start a ministry?

I'm a high school senor I want to become a pastor. I'm reading lots of books on faith and on the Bible and I'm studying under my youth pastor. I'm reading Bible commentaries. Is there any other books I can read? What classes will I need and what else should I do? youth-ministry...

theology biblical-history reading-bible pastor

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Ethan Z. Jun 04, 2015 2890 views

Is it worth becoming an astronomer with the debt that comes after it?

I am a Freshman in high school and have always enjoyed looking at planets and stars. The thought of space has always fascinated me, but I am not very rich so its kind of difficult to pay 20,000 dollars a year when I could go for Architecture (which I am a little less interested in) for so much...

architectural astronomy architect astronomer

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Gavin L. Jun 24, 2015 1215 views

What are some requirements to go to MIT or Google.

I'm a freshmen in high school intrested in working at google and going to MIT for college, I'm seeking information on how to get the job or getting into a college I dreamed of. computer-software...


Amina H.’s Avatar
Amina H. Jun 29, 2015 1152 views

Human rights or international relations?

Hi! I'm very interested in working for Human Rights Watch, post college. What's the better major for that, Human rights or International Relations? Or please let me know if there are other even more helpful majors for this type of career (I'd either want to be a researcher in their organization...

human-rights sociology journalism international-relations

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Christian T. Oct 22, 2015 769 views

what would it take to be a good engineer at 11 years old

i love egineering but i want to be good at this age college engineering...


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Abby H. Dec 08, 2015 896 views

What are the responsibilities involved in a Youth Minister Position?

My name is Abby I am a Senior in high school and I have been looking into the field of ministry. The idea of this job interests me because of it being tied into my faith, and also because it seems to utilize the skills I have, as far as I can tell. I am curious to know what are the different...

youth-ministry ministry

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Mason H. Dec 15, 2015 802 views

what would be a good starter car for a low pay rate?

Hi I am a 6th grader I want to be a game warden but I cant decide a good car to get me to work and back but has at least 13 miles to the gallon not like a dues and a half where you get 2 gallons to the mile. it needs to be small 2 row with at least 5 seats. And if I have kids I want it to be...

general dealerships people

Krystal N.’s Avatar
Krystal N. Dec 19, 2015 4525 views

Which career would fit me if I'm good at math and human anatomy & physiology but not organic chemistry ?

I'm still having a hard time to decide which career in healthcare would fit me . Any suggestion would be appreciate. career medicine...