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Hi Aadarsha, That is great that you enjoy coding. The job market grows every year with more and more positions for this line of work. Not only that, but you are bound to find any type of cause that you could support with this praised skill set. Considering you only have 1 more year to finish high school, I would recommend following through and finishing high school if there are no pressing reasons that would keep you from otherwise. Finishing high school would open up more opportunities for you from a resume screening perspective. However, I would start putting in the work now if you are not planning on continuing a formal education. It is all about standing out and you can achieve this in many ways besides the traditional route. 1 - Start networking. Go to tech meetups. Join hackathons. Many people do hackathons with little to no coding experience. Mentors are there to help you onsite if you do want to hone your skills, but QA and idea creators are also just as needed. Both are cool, supportive spaces that promote collaboration. 2 - Ramp up your skills. Code academy is great for learning. I have learned a couple of new languages here myself. There are also many different certifications you can achieve online. Do your research and find what best matches your interest. After all, you will be most successful in pursuing something you like! 3 - Practice and hone. Create your own Webpages. Build apps. Solve problems in society or even among your friends - start by simply asking, "What would make life easier"? This may be the most important to differentiate yourself and show that you are a worthy investment for a company. 4 - Be confident in your abilities. Do not be surprised if you find job opportunities present themselves from networking and being involved in the community. Keep practicing and maintain sincere relationships in your network and you will find shortly that everything will come together. Best luck!

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Some high schools/community colleges will allow you to attend "middle college". In this you can take coursework at the college and start to gain college credits while still completing high school. This may enable you to focus more on where your passion is. However, as Dhairya Dalal stated, you will have a significant challenge finding a job in Software Engineering without a high school degree. Many will likely require a college or graduate degree as well.
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HI. I would try and reach out to some of the local universities to see if they have programs for high school students. I know here in the states students in 11th grade are eligible to start taking college courses. This would give you an opportunity to learn how to code and see if that is something you really want to do with your life.
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Hi Aadarsha, Good to see you're interested in web development. It is a huge space and there is a lot to learn. I often find that rather than just working on tutorials, it really helpful to work on real projects. If you feel like you have a solid grasp of web development, the next step is build a website. What are you really excited about? For example if you love dogs, develop a blog about dogs. Depending on your skill level you can build it using a CMS (like wordpress) or code it from scratch using a tools like Node.js, Angular/React for the frontend, and Javascript. The best way to develop and grow your skills is building real projects. The best part is that you can showcase these projects as part of your portfolio. Portfolios are a great way to show you can code and are helpful for college admissions and job opportunities. And if you're looking for ideas, build a website for yourself! It'll be useful to have your own personal website that showcases your portfolio and skills. Good luck!

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