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Michelle Langhoff

Cyberspace Ops Officer--
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Military Specific Occupations
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Cally Sep 01, 2017 666 views

I want to become a Zoo Med. What are the steps to do so?

This is what I want my career to be. #zoo #vetrinarian

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Xitlalic Oct 30, 2017 877 views

What is it like to be working in Nasa?

I am asking this because i think that's really cool.
Do you guys go out like the astronauts?
#science #nasa #space

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Aadarsha Oct 31, 2017 1441 views

I am a 11th Grade Student. I love Coding. I have already achieved the knowledge of Web Development but i want to take my Knowledge Furhter. SO What Shall i do to Enter in Software Engineering Directly Without completion of 12th Grade . Plz Help me with it

How to become #software_engineering for #undergraduated_ Students? #coding #technology #software-development

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Aionia Nov 06, 2017 980 views

how does it work to become a model?

why i'm asking this question is because when I grow up I either want to be a model or a chef. It all depends though because a person can have more than one job but that one job might take up all your time but I can be a chef and still study and take classes for model and start doing that...

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Jessica Sep 01, 2017 4642 views

What is the difference between a UC and a CSU?

I have been considering going to various colleges in California. However, I do not understand the difference between the UC system and the CSU system. #california #college #college-selection

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jakeim Nov 06, 2017 1305 views

if i wanted to be a enginer what skills do i need to become one.

well since i really like to build stuff i want to try it out because i really don't know what i want to be when i grow up and building might be the type of thing i'm good at. #engineering #stem #engineer #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-or-industrial-engineering #civil-engineering

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zimkhitha Nov 04, 2017 904 views

how many years does a lawyer study ?

I want to know about the career choice I will choose in University #Lawyer #Law