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if i wanted to be a enginer what skills do i need to become one.

Updated Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

well since i really like to build stuff i want to try it out because i really don't know what i want to be when i grow up and building might be the type of thing i'm good at. #engineering #stem #engineer #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-or-industrial-engineering #civil-engineering

4 answers

DAVID’s Answer

Updated Saint Petersburg, Florida
high school - got to love math, take AP or IB levels needed to survive college especially precalculus high school - take chemistry, biology, and especially physics prepare for SAT, review college options college - more math, chemistry, physics all the same for all engineering types

Michelle’s Answer

Engineering is a great, in-demand profession. It depends a lot on math skills. I would recommend focusing heavily on that subject. That being said, there are many different engineering paths. Aerospace Engineering relies very heavily on math, whereas Systems Engineering is more managerial. If you are interested in building things, it sounds like your interest is probably closest to Civil Engineering.

Adam’s Answer

Updated McLean, Virginia
Keep in mind that engineering is not really building so much as designing things. It will require a lot of math and science classes, so if you're not good at the theoretical/proof side of things it might be extremely difficult for you. Wait until you've taken physics and calculus 1&2 before you commit to a career decision!

Parham’s Answer

Hi Please identify in which branch of engineering would you like to continue your education. for example Electrical, Civil, Mechanical or ... To the best of my knowledge you have to work on your mathematics and physics at the first step. If you can define in what major is your interest, I can give you more hints.