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how many years does a lawyer study ?

I want to know about the career choice I will choose in University #lawyer #law

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3 answers

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Michelle’s Answer

In the US:
I did law before revectoring to cyber policy. You have to complete your undergraduate degree first, for which the standard is 4 years. People may decide to take longer in fields such an engineering since the coursework is intense.

Your standard JD (law degree) program is 3 years. However, I spent 4 years because I did a joint master's.

You also should consider what type of law you want to practice. If you choose patent law, you will need a technical degree to take the patent bar (this is different from the standard state bar). If you choose tax law, you'll likely want to complete an LL.M. (master's of law), which will add a year.

Also, research the school and go to one that is ABA (American Bar Association) accredited. This will enable you to take the bar exam (required to be licensed as an attorney) in any state. If the school is not ABA accredited, you'll likely only be able to take the bar in that one state, which limits your mobility.

For non-US countries
I know less about this portion, but in most other counties, a law degree is a standard bachelor's, LL.B. I believe in most countries this degree is 3-4 years and qualifies you for their bar.

Overseas students coming to the US, usually complete an LL.B. and then do a one year LL.M. in America Law to be allowed to take the bar exam in the US.

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Christan’s Answer

If you go to the UK you will be able to complete a LLB in around 3 years. In Australia it's similar however you were mandatory forced to take another degree with your LLB, e.g. Law/Arts or Law/Economics so generally it was 5-6 years in total.

However this could have changed over time.

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Astrid’s Answer

4 years for undergrad and then you have law school. Programs range between 4-5 years depending where you attend. Then you will have to take a bar exam in the state you want to practice in.

Incorrect for the U.S. See Michelle's comments below. Camille Edwards Bennehoff