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t’s Avatar
t Apr 25 57 views

How can I pay for college, if I don't get any scholarships?

I have a 2.6 GPA I am not that smart, I expect to get 0 scholarships, how should I pay for college?

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Apr 25 253 views

what is the best things i have to learn new lanaguage ?

what is the best things i have to learn new lanaguage ?

Billie’s Avatar
Billie Apr 26 275 views

How can students receive financial support?

I am a student but my financial ability is not good so I want to receive help from the school

Jade’s Avatar
Jade Feb 14 609 views

How should college students reach out to professors for letters of recommendation ?

I am a second-year psychology student and while I have received letters of recommendation from staff, asking professors seems a bit daunting. Is there a way to ask that would be received better? When applying to multiple opportunities is there a limit to how much time so should ask them to...

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Feb 22, 2017 993 views

Did your university assist you in your collegiate career?

I never saw a single person about my future and the avenues i could travel when I was getting my bachelors degree. I was not spoken to a single bit except for responses to professors. They had their great jobs, but what was mine? Why didn't I receive any guidance at a very influential time...

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Apr 25 245 views

What obstacles might you come across in an Elementary teaching job?

When applying for college what challenges are there and what's hard about the job?

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Apr 24 173 views

What else should I do?

I've been looking forever trying to find a job, but I don't get anywhere, which is causing me to get annoyed. What do I do?

Paulina’s Avatar
Paulina Oct 16, 2023 1886 views

Can I get an associate's in psychology and transfer to a four-year university to receive a bachelor's degree?

I'm planning on attending community college for 2 years and doing another 2 years at university. I'm hoping I can get an associate's degree in psychology while at community college and then transfer to a university. Can I get an associate's in psychology and transfer to a four-year university...

Gabriela’s Avatar
Gabriela Feb 07 468 views

Applying multiple times for a same university is ok?

I am unsure on whether I will be starting on spring or fall term, I want to know if that is okay or even possible.

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Apr 24 209 views

How early to start on college essays and applying for scholarships?

Hi my name is Jason, I’m currently a Junior in high school and I’m wondering how to get ahead in college apps as well as scholarships. Also, I have a GPA of 3.66, and I’m worried whether it is good enough.

Zara’s Avatar
Zara Apr 11 274 views

Can I change university if i have already started one?

I have just been wondering if people can change university even if they have spent a year or 2 in it just like high school

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Apr 25 214 views

What dual-credit classes would set me up for a easier time in college, when trying to pursue a career in law? #Spring24

I'm in my junior year of high school, and I'm planning to take dual-credit classes this fall. I want to utilize this time to make my future easier, but I would like some pointers on what classes to look at.
If there aren't any DUAL-CREDIT classes, which classes should I take in general? Thanks!

Tadisa’s Avatar
Tadisa Apr 09 376 views

How do I become a competitive CS applicant in a short period of time??

I'm currently in my final year of A level and my final exams are this October, I have to start applying to Uni this may but I don't have many supercurriculars despite having so many extracurriculars.

Tiaya’s Avatar
Tiaya Apr 11 376 views

How do I start my in-field experience?

I study early childhood education and i need to start my in field experience.

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Apr 16 304 views

How do I get ready for college?

studying colleges I want to go to