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Pittsfield, Massachusetts
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I want to be an actress and change the lives of many people.



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Kayla Apr 24 186 views

What else should I do?

I've been looking forever trying to find a job, but I don't get anywhere, which is causing me to get annoyed. What do I do?

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Kayla Jan 19 2050 views

How do I fill out a Resume?

In previous answers to my questions and applications I have filled out, they mention a resume. I've never actually filled out a Resume and do not know how to fill one out because I do not think anyone has taught me yet how and where to fill one out.

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Kayla Jan 18 712 views

What am I supposed to do now?

I have applied to so many jobs and still have not gotten hired. I'm about to quit if I don't get anything else after I put my application in for maybe two more places. I've been trying so hard. There are things I want to buy and do for myself. I am tired of my parents and friends paying for me.

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Kayla Oct 11, 2023 370 views

What do I do if I am not doing well in my classes because my teachers are giving too much work?

Yes, I get it, I'm a Junior, but it is way too much for me because I have things out of school going on and it is just a lot to think about when I have things going on outside of school. At my school, we have this thing called Advisory where we take a period in our day to work on assignments,...

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Kayla Sep 27, 2023 379 views

Which college has the best acting/theatre department?

I don't think I have asked this question, but I know I have said that I want to be an actress, but I don't know which college has the best department. I want to go to a good but cheap college because my family doesn't make a whole lot of money.

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Kayla Jun 07, 2023 302 views

How do my grades/attendance/and behavior records affect my applying to colleges like Harvard or Yale?

I only have one thing from when I was in my Freshman year of high school that would or may not affect my college application, I got ISS for one day. Then my attendance is all Absences Excused or Test Taking. For this year (Sophomore year) I have two tardies which are fake because I was never...

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Kayla Mar 09, 2023 699 views

What is a good first job for someone who is starting to work?

I'll be 16 soon, so I am just thinking about my first job.

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Kayla Mar 03, 2023 364 views

What electives should I take in 11th grade?

My school is getting ready for the next year and I honestly don't know what I should take for electives.

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Kayla Feb 16, 2023 600 views

What are free ways to learn Korean?

I have a dream of visiting Korea and taking dance classes, going to a concert, and whatnot. Yes, I am one of those people who like k-pop and the culture. Literally so amazing. First, before I do travel to Korea, I have to learn Korean, but anyway I have tried, and it hasn't stuck in my head. I...

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Kayla Feb 15, 2023 593 views

What are some tips to get better at singing?

I am really bad at singing even though I love singing. I want to be able to sing songs that I love without cringing.

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Kayla Feb 13, 2023 505 views

What jobs can I get as a 15yo?

I want to start paying for my own things, but I can't get a job because most jobs hire at 16.

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Kayla Feb 07, 2023 442 views

How do I get myself to be able to talk to a therapist?

I'm pretty shy and usually can't open up, but I need to because I have anger issues and I need to talk to someone but never be able to do it because I can't open up to anybody.

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Kayla Feb 06, 2023 442 views

How can I relax my social anxiety?

I have really bad social anxiety and when I want to do something with my family or go somewhere with them, my social anxiety gets in the way.

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Kayla Feb 06, 2023 659 views

How and where do I audition for movies and shows?

I am a theatre kid and I love acting. I have a big dream of being in movies and shows. I just don't know how and where to do it.

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Kayla Dec 22, 2022 847 views

What is an easier method to start saving money?

I have a really hard time-saving money.