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What is it like to be working in Nasa?

I am asking this because i think that's really cool.
Do you guys go out like the astronauts?
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Michelle’s Answer

My father worked for NASA as a chemist. While there are astronaut opportunities, most of NASA is composed of scientific research. If you are interested in the astronaut aspect, you might want to look at specific opportunities in Houston or Cape Canaveral as this is where the bulk of the astronaut activity resides.

However, beyond the astronaut component, there are many exciting opportunities at NASA including the jet propulsion laboratory.

There are opportunities in many different scientific fields: astrophysics, astrobiology, geophysics, chemistry, etc. Additionally, there are tons on opportunities for engineering, in particular aerospace engineering.

NASA is generally good about providing tours. You may want to see if you can go on a tour of the NASA in Houston and get a look at it. https://spacecenter.org/field-trips/

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