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Cary, North Carolina
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maha’s Avatar
maha May 25, 2016 941 views

How do you recommend I go about becoming an archaeologist?

I am going to 12th grade -Accounts group. My dream is to become archaeologist #historical-research #archaeologist #science

Xochitl’s Avatar
Xochitl May 19, 2021 546 views

How do you make a good animation portfolio?

I’ve heard it’s one of the many steps on how to become a animator. But I have a problem on where to start #career #tech #art-education

Eunice’s Avatar
Eunice May 28, 2021 622 views

What made you want to become a forensic scientist and what kind?

Hi! I'm looking for a forensic scientist to interview for a career blog assignment.

#science #scientist #forensics

Vishnu’s Avatar
Vishnu Jul 06, 2021 792 views

What about the course BSc forensic science?

#forensic #science

Talaysia’s Avatar
Talaysia Aug 06, 2021 709 views

What sort of opportunities are there for someone interested in volunteering around forensic science?

#forensics #science

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Aug 31, 2021 527 views

What Skills and Training are needed to be an Information Security Analyst.

I'm A Student enrolled in Job Corps going in for training in Computer Networking and Cyber Security. Information Security Analyst is an occupation that I've been looking into and I was wondering what training is necessary to be one.

#information-technology #computer-science

Pius’s Avatar
Pius Aug 25, 2021 718 views

Software Developer

#software #technology #software-engineer #computer-software
What does a typical work day looks like and what is recommended for me to prepare for this profession

Pawani’s Avatar
Pawani Aug 27, 2021 2482 views

What are the career options available after Biotechnology

#engineering #biotechnology #coding

Violeta’s Avatar
Violeta Jul 03, 2021 1661 views

What type of work do chemical engineers do at different companies?

After identifying my goals and narrowing down some choices chemical engineering seems like a career of a great fit. I will be attending Georgia Tech this fall and am now thinking of creating career goals. This made me think about what is the day like for chemical engineers that work at...

Yahel’s Avatar
Yahel Jul 08, 2021 1151 views

What is the most hard part of Software engineer?

I want to know how hard is to learn this career #computer-software #technology

Xitlalic’s Avatar
Xitlalic Oct 30, 2017 877 views

What is it like to be working in Nasa?

I am asking this because i think that's really cool.
Do you guys go out like the astronauts?
#science #nasa #space

Vernon’s Avatar
Vernon May 08, 2016 1783 views

what kind of job can you get with an kinesiology degree

I asked this question because I'm pursuing a bachelors degree in kinesiology in college. #science #mathematics #kinesiology #physical-therapy

Jared’s Avatar
Jared Oct 28, 2020 820 views

What are drawbacks of Archaeology?

I am in 9th grade and the classes that I'm interested most in is Science and History. Something I'm really interested and looking to find a career in is Archaeology.
#Archaeology #Science #History

Todd’s Avatar
Todd Jul 02, 2021 526 views

What careers utilize knowledge of History and Science?

I love reading and writing due to my fascination with Science, namely Chemistry, and History, no particular time period. #history #science

Eunice’s Avatar
Eunice May 28, 2021 734 views

What does an average day as a forensic scientist look like?

Hi! I'm looking for a forensic scientist to interview for a career blog assignment.

#science #scientist #forensics