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How do you recommend I go about becoming an archaeologist?

I am going to 12th grade -Accounts group. My dream is to become archaeologist #historical-research #archaeologist #science

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So, a few things here for set up. Archaeology is not like Indiana Jones, though most archaeologists agree he is pretty cool. Also, it takes a fair amount of education to get beyond working only in the “field”, but you also need to pair that with experience. 1) Undergraduate work in archaeology. In the US, this will be under the Anthropology umbrella, but the rest of the world doesn’t do that. 2) Don’t slack on your grades! This is a no-brainer, but archaeology is a balance between a hard science and an art. You will be doing some significant scientific processes, but analyzing and writing heavily based on research and context. Moving into the profession requires proof that you can do these things! 3) It’s annoying, but do a field school or two. And volunteer whenever and wherever you can! Local museums, universities, historical societies. Start now and decide what work you like to do. 4) Decide if you want to work in Cultural Resource Management it be tied somehow to a university. These are very different and each present their own challenges to achieve. 5) Consider graduate school. In CRM, to be more than a field hand, you have to have your Masters Degree, be recognized by the local State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) in the US, or similar Office abroad, and its a good idea to get signed up with the Register of Professional Archaeologists. 6) Get involved with archaeology societies, wrote papers, and present! This is huge and is great for networking. 7) If you want to head toward a university, be aware that a PhD is almost an absolute necessity. So buckle in for that one! (Pro Tip)** Wherever you go to school, look into the local alumni associations for added help with grants, scholarships, funding for research etc. These are some general ideas to get you moving. Really though, do your research! Archaeology can pay well and be a sustaining career, provides you get yourself to that level.
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