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what are the career Options in NASA?

I want to work for NASA and make a career in space science? #science #engineer #scientist #space #nasa

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2 answers

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Shalvi’s Answer

In NASA, there are various career opportunities such as -
1. Research Space Scientist, Research AST, Planetary Studies
2. Technologist for In-Space Propulsion
3. Aerospace Engineer, AST - Structural Mechanics
4. Supervisory IT Cybersecurity Specialist
5. Aerospace Engineer, AST - Safety and Mission Assurance
6. Electronics Engineer, AST - Electronic Instrumentation Systems
7. Information Technologist (Data Scientist)
8. Research Computer Scientist, AST Data Analysis
9. Supervisory Aerospace Engineer, AST Aerospace Flight Systems
10. General Engineer, AST - Technical Management

I have listed down a few of the career opportunities that are present at NASA on the technical side for freshers or with 1-2 years of experience. Whereas there are a lot many opportunities which can be looked at here -

Thanks and wish you luck for your future!
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Wael’s Answer

Check the link below.