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Shekinah W. Feb 16, 2017 510 views

What's life like in a singers point of view ?

I would just like to see how a singers everyday life goes . #singer #singing #sing...


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RAVI M. Nov 24, 2017 339 views

IIT JAM Quesiton Papers?

how #question papers are helpful to prepare for IIT JAM...

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Kandice G. Jan 16, 2018 234 views

What will the counseling need be in the year 2020?

As a student at Grand Canyon University in the Professional Counseling (Master's degree program) this information is of great interest to me... #psychology #clinical-psychology #therapy...


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Olivia M. Aug 26, 2018 156 views
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Dorsa B. Jan 30, 2019 134 views

Can you become a detective with a forensic medicine degree?

I'v been accepted in the university as a medicine student but I like to join the interpol . Unfortunately cause of my country I couldn't go for it easily . I will be thankful if you can help me with that . I want to know if I can get a job there as a detective with a forensic medicine degree ....

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Abigayle S. May 02, 2019 136 views

Any Advice to keep in mind when im trying to become a music therapist?

I'm currently in the job Corps program and I'm going to be training in a rehabilition field where I'm going to get certain training to become a music therapist....


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isaac T. May 07, 2019 263 views
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Gabrielle G. Aug 27, 2019 150 views

Im in the 10th grade and iam just beginning to explore my future careers . What steps did you take to become a psychiatrist ?

At school im interested in psychology and helping people through emotional problems because ive been in a position where i felt alone going through a rough patch and i wanna be a person to help and give advice . #psychology #career #psychiatry #doctor...


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Daniel M. Sep 06, 2019 66 views

What courses should I take if I want to go into counseling?

Hi my name is Daniel, I’m 17 years old and am currently a senior in high school. I’m thinking about going down the route of psychology/counseling. #counsel #counseling...


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payton J. Sep 06, 2019 180 views

What is the difference between a mental health counselor and a psychiatrist?

I am a senior student at Brennan high school and am interested in being a psychiatrist. I often get confused between the two careers and was wondering what major differences they have from each other. #psychology #psychiatry #counseling...


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Andrea O. Sep 06, 2019 110 views

What is the educational preparation that you would recommend for this field ?

I am a senior student at Brennan High School. I’m looking into the dermatology field because I struggled with acne and i would like to help people feel confident in their own skin. #college #student #career #dermatologist #medicine #doctor #healthcare...