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Can a neonatal nurse only work with healthy babies?

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Can you major in neonatal nursing but not work with ill babies.
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Donné Michelle’s Answer

The answer is basically YES.
Neonatal nurses specialize in caring for newborn infants from the moment they are born to 28 days later. These types of nurses can choose to work on three different levels. Level I nurses care for healthy newborns, working in the healthy newborn nursery where infants are often only required to stay a few days. Level II nurses care for sick or premature newborns, working in a special care nursery where babies may need specialized feedings, intravenous therapy, or supplemental oxygen. Level III nurses care for the newborns that do not fall under the other levels, working in the neonatal intensive care unit where babies may be too small for their age and need critical treatment or surgery. These infants may also need high technology to survive, such as special equipment, incubators, or ventilators.

Good Luck with your career! Neonatal nurses are so amazing!