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Physician assistant specializing in OB or Nursing-midwife ?

I am having trouble choosing between becoming a PA in OB or a midwife. I originally wanted to go to medical school but decided that i didn't want to go to school for long after undergrad. So my dream is to be able to deliver babies or at least assist in the deliver. so i just want some more information about both to make a good decision ? which one would be a better opinion for me ?
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I'm not a PA yet, but I am a PA student. Yes, an OB PA can deliver babies on a typical labor and delivery floor. In cesarean section, they act as first assist in surgery. I don't believe midwives go into surgery, but I am no expert on the matter so I'm not sure. I'm sure both professions have their positives and negatives. I can only say that going to PA school is a great option if you want the possibility for flexibility or variety. You could realize you want to switch specialties one day, and being a PA allows you to do that. You can go into basically any medical specialty. And I know PAs who have worked in more than one at the same time even. If you can get into PA school, I would go for it. Hope this helped some!
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Deandra, is there anyway you can shadow a midwife or OB? I think it would be very helpful to see what each of them does and also to discuss the role of a PA in an OB practice. As a pediatrician, I don't know a lot about the role of a PA in an OB practice or whether they would be able to deliver babies.
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