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Mary Kate Larimer

Physician Assistant Student at Nova Southeastern University- Fort Myers
Healthcare Support Occupations - Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
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Deandra Oct 30, 2017 1914 views

Physician assistant specializing in OB or Nursing-midwife ?

I am having trouble choosing between becoming a PA in OB or a midwife. I originally wanted to go to medical school but decided that i didn't want to go to school for long after undergrad. So my dream is to be able to deliver babies or at least assist in the deliver. so i just want some more...

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Sep 01, 2017 1612 views

Is becoming a Physician Assistant a wise career choice?

I would like to know this because I am very interested in become a PA but want a little more information about how to become a PA from current Physicians Assistants. I job shadowed a PA this past summer and enjoy what the job entails, but still want more information. #medicine #PA...

joceyn’s Avatar
joceyn Sep 29, 2017 898 views

If my goal is to be a physician assistant what major should i take?

i need a guide to my future path and am confused on what to do. #help! #physician-assistant #college-major #career-path