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How many years of college will i have to attend to do makeup , hair and nails?

Because i want to be a cosmetologist. #cosmetology #beauty-industry #health-and-beauty

Thank you comment icon Bout 1-2 years depend on which kind of school u go to. Those trade school can let u graduaate fast without much skill. Those community school can be better for gaining experience. School alone isnt enough for u to be skillful at these thing. Vy
Thank you comment icon Here in Texas it is 1500 hours of school with before you can take the state board exam. of the 1500 hours, approximately 1/2 is course work, 1/2 is practical. Angela

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1 answer

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Lindsey’s Answer

Hi Elideth,

O*Net has some really great information about what it takes to be a cosmetologist-- This resource gives information not only about the entry requirements, but also what skills you'll need to work on and what knowledge you need to have. There are a lot of different training programs out there so you can look around and find ones that work best for you, based on length of time, cost, and atmosphere. Good luck!