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What is the requierment to become a doctor nurse assistant

I'm currently attending in high school and I want to research about nurse doctor assistant #doctor #nurse #physicians-assistant

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2 answers

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Teresa’s Answer

Hi! I am glad you are interested in becoming a nurse/ doctor assistant. So, in doctor offices there are several levels of an assistant. Some people have had 2 years of college- an associate's degree. There are others who have gotten a bachelor's degree or master's degree.

If you want to be an RN, most programs are 4 years and you leave college with a bachelor's degree called a BSN. This would allow you to work at an office, a school, a hospital or as a product representative.
If you wanted to write orders like a doctor does, and assist them in very similar work, you would need to become a nurse practitioner. These nurses get more than just a BSN, they go to school 2 more years to get their MSN. A nurse practitioner is much like a doctor. She or he can see patients in an office or hospital and perform many procedures like a doctor does. Congratulations on your future plans! I wish you the best of luck in your chosen field!
Teresa Bentley, RN

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Sean’s Answer

I think you mean Physicians Assistant, they assist Dr's and have their own patients. Here are 2 links to learn more: