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animals and law?

I am very interested in studying animals and also protecting their rights but I am not sure how I can combine law with it in this case? How can I be involved in politics/govt. of protecting animals and their rights? What jobs would match this?
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Kim’s Answer


Hi! Thank you for wanting to look after the critters! I think the most obvious career choice would be an Animal Cruelty Officer/Investigator. They often work for the City or County Health Dept., and would investigate a broad range of calls: animals tied out on short chains, left out in bad weather, not properly fed; work animals (horses used for photo shoots, movies, parades, etc) not properly rested. Then it gets worse, including, unfortunately, family pets killed by police officers, sometimes on questionable grounds; livestock not humanely killed for slaughter, etc.

There are also Game Wardens, which are specialized police officers enforcing hunting and fishing laws, but I'm thinking that is not what you had in mind.

You could also become an attorney! I'm honestly not sure at this point if any court has declared that animals have rights, but, that day can't be too far off!

You might also consider working for one of the many animal rights organizations, some of which are very politically active: National Wildlife Federation, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, etc. They would have many positions, from research and writing to political organizing and advocacy.

As you can see, your options are many! Try to find some ways to volunteer in different areas, to see what appeals to you. It is important to find the job that is the right fit. If you prefer hands-on work, you will not be happy doing filing, for example, even if it is for a worthy cause!

Best of luck!